Mom is an ode to secret recipes and cooking techniques from across Undivided North India. Founded by Manoj Sheth & Bhushan Raval in central Perth, Mom serves up a flavorful mélange of its signature Indian dishes, flavors and ingredients to deliver an unforgettable dining experience.


Manoj migrated to Perth from Auckland originally hailed from Mumbai, India where as Bhushan migrated from state of western India. Both have immense experience in hospitality and Management. They always wanted to share with the city the culinary experience reminiscent of their years growing up near the North West Frontier Province.


‘Mom’ the number one a la carte meal restaurant serving Quality, fine Authentic Indian Cuisine Providing efficient services and Value for money.


Our goal is to be the eat-out Authentic Indian brand of choice, to delight every guest visiting our restaurant by serving a la carte food with a fresh creative approach in a clean, fun and friendly environment.

Journey of authenticity

Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s the nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.


10 years after first landed in this new city, their love for the food took shape as the first Mom in the heart of Perth. Every detail, from the even heating of custom clay ovens, to the creation of distinctive spice blends showcases the skills of our 'Ustads', our trained master chefs who have perfected over the years, the art of preparing and presenting dishes that are simply unforgettable. We assure that Mom will take all our guests on a culinary journey exploring and celebrating Indian cuisine, culture, and flavors.

Our Story is our taste, the secret recipes are our lineage and our reputation is on your plate. Mom’s flavors & dishes have been loved by all of our guests since its idea of inception. With influences from the Undivided India, from Peshawar in the North West to India's food capital, Delhi, Mom has been bringing together fresh made-to-order cooking, high quality produce, and its secret recipes to all.


Our Food is symbolic of love

Village life in India

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